Ardvark our Tijoas Standing Gypsy Stud

Blue Roan with Perl Gene







Gypsy Mares











SoL River  

Breeze First Born Fin From Arvarkr









barrel race






TIJOAS Stables, One of the first questions we have is what does the name mean? Well it's about family, these are the first 2 letters from our children's names. And we would like to welcome you to TIJOAS Stables.


We have state of the art stalls and barn! Each stall has an automatic water, grain bins and hay racks! Horses get fed in the morning and evenings. Stalls get picked out in the morning and evening and through out the day when our trainers go in and out.






























Arianna and her filly Sol Born June 2016
Sol @ 3 Months Old, How she is growing up
Look at Sol now! Coming up on 1 Year old. One great personality and very energetic. She is for sale and will be one show stopper.
Summer is a great 4 year old Mare, Easy to ride both English and Western Will Start shows Summer 2017    
Sirries is the Stables pet, 2 Year old Mare, Already light broke and a great personality.

Bailey is our 7 Year old Mare, she is to foal in June with a Prize stud from Washington,

Stud Balou from Wispering in Washington

Breeze 4 Year old Mare,
Picture to come. Sjofn's Heart
Arvakr Rising, Our stud, Tested Positive Blue roan + Pearl gene. What a Stud. Standing Live cover for 2017